August, 2011

Focus on East

Ivory Education has started a strong focus on Eastern Part of the world – Asia. The continent has some of the best institutes that are highly sought after by students globally. However, marketing of the institutes within Asia is fairly poor. To take this forward, the company had a series of meetings with ministers and embassy officials from leading countries in the region including South...

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Anna Hazare’s campaign not properly planned for students

Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign is something that everyone supports. Youth are playing a pivotal role and is well-admired. There are two issues with the timing of the campaign that makes it difficult for students to participate. The academic session has started from August 16th in most of the institutes. The start of the session is the time that sets the foundation of education. If...

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Creative Crest to associate with Ivory Education

Creative Crest, one of India’s leading strategic communication companies, has announced a tie-up with Ivory Education. Under this association, Creative Crest will provide high-quality strategic communication services to Ivory’s clients. According to V S Kumeria, Director, Creative Crest, “Strategic Planning makes a major difference in success of education programs. With this...

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Ivory Education takes over two major education websites

Ivory Education today announced takeover of two major education websites. This initiative is set to bring an exclusive edge to the company for global marketing. Both websites cater to a B2C audience and have millions of pageviews in this niche sector. After this takeover Ivory will be investing in redevelopment of the website to enhance and expand the offerings. It will offer the visitors a much...

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